No end in sight

21 10 2011

More lock out news today is that it’s not looking good. The meetings broke off yesterday in NY after 3 straight days of negotiations and word is they are still very far apart. Billy Hunter, the Players Union President claimed they offered a “band” BRI offer of 50-53, giving into the revenue split the league seeks unless revenues do not reach a certain point. Hunter said that the owners would not even listen to any proposal unless the precondition was that of a 50/50 split. I’m hearing word that Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert, told players to trust that if they took the 50-50 split, the salary cap issues could be worked out. I find that to be completely laughable! Who the hell is going to accept something without knowing what it is that you are agreeing too! Bottom line is I feel both the players and owners are acting like children and because of that it looks like we will not be playing basketball anytime soon. I still feel strongly we will have a season at some point.