Locked out

20 10 2011

This basketball lockout really has me growing grey hairs. it all comes down to the fact that the owners are trying to protect themselves from well.. themselves! nobody asked the Atlanta hawks to pay Joe Johnson max money! or the new jersey nets to sign Travis Outlaw to bucket loads of cash. i get it though some people will side with the owners because its perceived that if you own a pro sport franchise that you somehow worked hard for your money and made something of yourself, and well an athlete is gifted with “god given abilities” I for one disagree with this notion.

I believe that the NBA owners plan is and always been to break the players union no matter what to get what they think is fair which is a 50/50 split of revenue since the last CBA was 57/43 split in favor of the players (most of any pro sport). The players have come down to 53% but the owners refuse to budge from the 50/50 split  so i fear that us the fans will continue to lose out as we always do in these situation its millionaire’s vs billionaire’s and we are just the spectators when its us the FAN’S that make the NBA what it is these. All i know is that these douche’s better get their act together and soon especially since the NBA season ended on what some believed to be the biggest NBA season in recent memories and all that will mean nothing without a season this year…