The messiah

24 10 2011

Sry about not finishing the picks over the weekend had some technical issues over the weekend.

I’m going to focus mostly on the Tim Tebow phenomenon. He proved all the doubters right and all his supporters right I mean he was HORRENDOUS for the first 3 1/2 qrts and then as if it was scripted “Tebow magic” happened. He orchestrated 18 unanswered points in about 5 mins time and beat the 0-5 dolphins dropping them to 0-6 and keeping them right in the hunt for the suck for luck sweepstakes. St Louis and Indy are still in the hunt especially after the best down the colts 62-7 incredible this will be a race for luck till the end.


NFL matchup

22 10 2011

Every Saturday during the football season I will be giving my picks just wins and losses eventually I would like to evolve to point spreads but that isn’t hear or there so ON TO THE PICKS!

1:00 Games
First game is Seattle @ Cleveland a battle of (2-3) teams the winner of this team is most likely out of the running for the suck for luck sweepstakes if they weren’t already. For Seattle it’ll be the first start of the season for Charlie Whitehurst who will be playing in what is a pretty hostile environment in cleveland slim taking the Browns in this game.

Atlanta (3-3) @ Detroit (5-1) the Lions are going to miss Jahvid best after his concussion last week and it seems that Micheal (the burner) Turner is coming into his own if Atlanta can control the clock which Detroit has shown it cannot do. I’m taking the Falcons in a close one.

Houston (3-3) @ Tennessee (3-2) I’m torn between these teams. The texans have been hit with the injury bug and the titans have been one of the bigger surprises of this NFL season with the resurgence of QB Matt Hasslebeck. I’m going with the home team and the team with the current better QB play so I’m taking Tennessee.

San Diego (4-1) @ New York jets (3-3) teams from west coast flying to the east coast for a 1:00 start is always bad news. So as much as it pains me to do this buy I’m taking the Jets.

Denver (1-5) @ Miami (0-5) THE SUCK FOR LUCK CHAMPIONSHIP OF THR WEEK. The Tim Tebow era begins at Sun Life Stadium where the Dolphins try to avoid going 0-6. The stadium is going to feel like an away game for the dolphins with all the Tebow fans and gator nation at the game so I’m picking Denver in a close one.

I’ll be doing another post later on the day for the later games so keep checking it out and let me know what you all think later bitches!

No end in sight

21 10 2011

More lock out news today is that it’s not looking good. The meetings broke off yesterday in NY after 3 straight days of negotiations and word is they are still very far apart. Billy Hunter, the Players Union President claimed they offered a “band” BRI offer of 50-53, giving into the revenue split the league seeks unless revenues do not reach a certain point. Hunter said that the owners would not even listen to any proposal unless the precondition was that of a 50/50 split. I’m hearing word that Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert, told players to trust that if they took the 50-50 split, the salary cap issues could be worked out. I find that to be completely laughable! Who the hell is going to accept something without knowing what it is that you are agreeing too! Bottom line is I feel both the players and owners are acting like children and because of that it looks like we will not be playing basketball anytime soon. I still feel strongly we will have a season at some point.

Daily Dolphins Update

20 10 2011

Well Tim Tebows first miracle as the savor of the Denver Broncos actually has nothing to do with the broncos it has more to do with the team he will be facing the Miami Dolphins, thanks to Tebow the Dolphins have announced that this sundays game will in fact be televised so all the nation can see the Miami Dolphins celebrate the 2008 national champion Florida Gators at Sun Life Stadium where the Miami Hurricanes currently play…. what a joke…

other notes Reggie Bush (fumble Master), Brandon Marshall (allergic to TD’s), and Reshad Jones were all out. Nolan Carrol, Daniel Thomas, Cameron Wake, Will Yeatman, and Vonte Davis were all limited.

Locked out

20 10 2011

This basketball lockout really has me growing grey hairs. it all comes down to the fact that the owners are trying to protect themselves from well.. themselves! nobody asked the Atlanta hawks to pay Joe Johnson max money! or the new jersey nets to sign Travis Outlaw to bucket loads of cash. i get it though some people will side with the owners because its perceived that if you own a pro sport franchise that you somehow worked hard for your money and made something of yourself, and well an athlete is gifted with “god given abilities” I for one disagree with this notion.

I believe that the NBA owners plan is and always been to break the players union no matter what to get what they think is fair which is a 50/50 split of revenue since the last CBA was 57/43 split in favor of the players (most of any pro sport). The players have come down to 53% but the owners refuse to budge from the 50/50 split  so i fear that us the fans will continue to lose out as we always do in these situation its millionaire’s vs billionaire’s and we are just the spectators when its us the FAN’S that make the NBA what it is these. All i know is that these douche’s better get their act together and soon especially since the NBA season ended on what some believed to be the biggest NBA season in recent memories and all that will mean nothing without a season this year…


20 10 2011

pretty funny that the first real post on pro sport rant is not a rant at all it’s actually i pretty remarkable story. yesterday news broke that former Miami dolphins and current Philadelphia Eagle RB Ronnie Brown had been traded to the Detroit Lions for a 7th round pick and RB Jerome Harrison pending physical.  Late last night the trade was voided because of health reason to Jerome Harrison it is now learned that the physical discovered a brain tumor. Being traded could be one of the worst experiences for an athlete. In a moments notice they are asked to pick up there lives and settle into a new city new coaches and new team mates. But being traded has had to have been the best thing to ever happen to Jerome Harrison, without that trade he has no physical and without that physical they prob do not discover this brain tumor. even though the news of brain tumor must be scary as hell he has to be feeling pretty damn lucky.


20 10 2011

Welcome all of you to the greatest of all sports blogs! If it was not obvious from the title i will be doing a lot of ranting here, you may not all like all of what i have to say, but i will be telling you exactly how i feel. I want everyone who visits this site to comment and debate or of course agree to all that is posted on this blog. So with that being said all sport topics are free game here i want YOU the people to help make this blog more than just me yelling at a computer monitor here.